Pennsylvania Powered Paragliding

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Forecast Weather Links
WFMZ - Reading, PA
Windfinder - Morgantown PPG Park
Windfinder - Mount ParaPoo
Windfinder - Little Gap
Meteoblue - Morgantown, PA
Accuweather - Morgantown, PA
Weather Underground - Reading, PA
Intellicast - Eastern, PA
USAirnet - Reading, PA
NOAA - Graphical Forecast for Philadelphia
Pressure Map - USA Loop - Unisys
Regional Radar - Eastern USA - Intellecast
Surface Lifted Index - Eastern USA - NOAA
Base Reflectivity - Eastern USA - NWS Mosaic Loop
Balloonists' Wind Forecast - Reading, PA
Winds Aloft - Scranton, PA - UselessAirnet (36 hour overlap)
Surface Winds - USA Java Loop - NCAR
Current Surface - USA -
The Weather Channel - Main Page
Mega Weather Wall - Penn State University
Wind Mapper - North East USA

Live Wind Conditions

Surface Weather Observation Stations - ASOS
Mount Parapoo - CCSWA, Narvon, PA
Iwindsurf - Eastern, USA
Morgantown - Garden Spot High School
Reading - Lauer's Park Elementary School
Pottstown - Pottstown Limerick Airport
Philadelphia - Philadelphia International Airport

Other Useful Links
- Information for Paramotor Pilots - Powered Paragliding Forum and Blog  

Online Sectionals -
Weight Shift - Article from
Understanding Your Paraglider - By Nick Antonaccio
Paraglider Physics - Why we fly the way we do
Paraglider Physics - Why we fly the way we do Part 2
Paraglider Physics - The Art of hitting the spot every time
Equipment, Training & Clubs
FlyLikeThis - West Chester, PA
Paratour - Christmas, FL
Southern Skies - Taylorsville, NC
Flightjunkies - Ohio
Sky High Flying - Lancaster, PA
Dukes of Windsoar - Maryland
Powered Paragliding Colorado - Ellicott, CO
Little Gap Club
- Little Gap, PA
Hyner Hang Gliding Club - Hyner View, PA
Mojos Gear - Tow, Texas - Traverse City, MI
Wasp Systems - United Kingdom
Capitol Hang Gliding and Paragliding - Washington, D.C.
Maryland Hang Gliding Association - Reisterstown, MD
Ellenville Flight Park - Ellenville, NY
Morningside Flight Park - Charlestown, NH
TX Flysports - Houston, TX
River Valley Paragliding - Fort Smith, AR
Fly Above All Paragliding - Santa Barbara, CA
Powered ParaSports - Meadow Vista, CA
Lite Touch Films - San Diego, CA - Ridgefield, WA
USUA Club 1 - Herndon, VA

Discussion Groups & Info

FaceBook - Powered By Shane W.
PPGWINGS - Discussion Forum, Wings
Trike Buggy Owners - Discussion Forum, Trike Buggies
PPGbigList - Discussion Forum, General
PPGList - Discussion Forum, General

Organizations, Regulations & Safety

USPPA - U.S. Powered Paragliding Association
USHPA - U.S. Hangliding & Paragliding Association
USUA - United States Ultralight Association
Part 103-Ultralight Vehicles - FAA Regulations
Part 104-Pilot Proficiency System - USHPA
Recreational Use of Land and Water Act - DCNR
Recreational Use Statutes - The University of Vermont
Recreational Use Statutes - American Whitewater
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